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A country like no other
Portugal is a paradise for wine lovers to discover and cuisine. Our eight centuries of history and universal epic ...



A question of personality
Enjoy the best of Portugal in group travel or individual, be a short-break or a longer tour. In the regions charm ...

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Authentic Portugal, a country like no other

Portugal is a paradise just waiting to be discovered by wine and food lovers. Our eight centuries of history and discovery around the world have endowed us with the richest cultural influences. Set out on great experiences, at any time of the year. Live life to the fullest!

Eight reasons why you should visit Portugal:
  • Portugal is known to be a safe country, with an authentic, traditional culture and the most welcoming and festive people you will find anywhere
  • Located on the west coast of Europe, it offers an exceptional 850 kms of fine beaches, more than 250 days of sunshine a year and a pleasing climate
  • Inimitable traditions and 15 World Heritage sites
  • Favoured by Nature with a notable biodiversity, 22% of Portugal is listed with the Natura 2000 Network
  • It has 35 winemaking regions from North to South, including the oldest (1756) controlled and demarcated winemaking region in the world, the Alto Douro Winemaking Region
  • It offers an abundance of local wines, each with its own distinctive personality made from native Portuguese varieties, many of which are consistently rated 100 by international critics
  • The most appreciated and varied fish and seafood in the world; a true Slow Food country
  • A land where one dreams of living and that has much more with which to surprise you!
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