In the South of Portugal, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Spanish border, the vast golden plains are broken up by the olive and oak groves and vineyards of the famous Alentejo winemaking region. The climate is Mediterranean – hot and dry, with continental influences, and the soil is generally poor. As a rule, the red wines are essentially fruity, complex and well-structured and can be drunk quite young. There are, however, sub-regions that produce wines with notably different characteristics. To the north, Portalegre wines are structured, complex, crisp and elegant. To the south, the high temperatures in Moura result in fruity, “hot” and soft wines. The principle grape varieties are Trincadeira, Aragonês and Alicante Bouschet, the latter being the source of some of the most famous wines from the region. The Alentejo also produces white wines of a remarkable quality, mainly from Antão Vez grapes. The charming landscape surprises the visitor with quaint whitewashed villages on hilltops, cities-museums and picturesque wineries, all of which is especially attractive for wine tourism.
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