Península de Setúbal

Under a deep blue sky, the plains and mountains next to the Atlantic of the Setubal Peninsula are the birthplace of the famous Moscatel de Setubal and the Palmela denomination of origin wines. Here, south of Lisbon, wine tourism is widely represented.
Moscatel de Setubal is an intense and fruity fortified wine, with an aroma of orange blossoms, raisins and walnuts. Its colour ranges from shades of yellow to shades of purple. It is naturally sweet, as the skins of the moscatel grapes are left to macerate in the wine until the end of the winter, after which it is aged for a time in small wooden barrels. In the mouth, one is amazed by the excellent balance between sweet and sour.
The red and white Palmela table wines are crisper when the vineyards are close to the ocean and more intense when they are located inland where the climate in summer is hot and dry and winters are more moderate. The Piriquita grape variety exhibits its entire potential here, creating a complex wine, whose structure and acidity define its classic personality.
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