Spreading out along the River Tagus, these cool, intensely green plains, where black fighting bulls graze under the watchful eyes of cowmen dressed in the traditional costumes, are the home of the Tagus winemaking region. Known in the past as the Ribatejo, the region boasts a centuries-old history. The wine region extends from the Coruche sub-region, to the south, to the Tomar sub-region, to the north. Its climate has a marked Mediterranean influence and it is in some of the poorest soils that the finest wines, made from blends of Portuguese and international varieties of grapes, are found. The most frequently used white variety is Fernão Pires; the most frequently used red varieties are Castelão and Trincadeira. An additional attraction for wine tourism is the landscape which is amply dotted with stately homes, horse ranches and large farm holdings.
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