North of Lisbon, from Sintra to Leiria, this extremely diverse region called in the past as Estremadura contains several traditional and historical denominations of origin such as Bucelas, Alenquer and Torres Vedras, to name but a few. Recently named capital of Portugal, it is particularly suitable for enotourism due to its proximity to the Lisbon metropolis. The climate is balmy thanks to the influence of the Atlantic. Displaying a picturesque landscape of green hills dotted with ancient windmills, the best white wines – fresh and fruity - are found in the areas that are most exposed to the Atlantic. Inland, where the climate is clearly Mediterranean, you will find the best red wines – full-bodied and lively – including some of the best in Portugal. Despite the great variety of grapes used, the most common white varieties are Arinto and Fernão Pires and the most common red varieties, Aragonez and Castelão. The region makes intense use of several international varieties that are blended with the Portuguese to create remarkable wines.
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