Historic region of the Centre of Portugal and with a great variety of styles, Bairrada produces famous sparkling, red and white table wines. The latter, primarily made from Baga grapes, are well-structured, have a good acidity and possess an admirable ability to age and gain complexity and elegance. The Bairrada sparkling wines, dry wines made from the typical Bical grapes and others, are some of the most popular wines in Portugal. Produced according to the classical method and aged in large wine lodges, often next to the aged brandies made in the region, these espumantes are traditionally served as an accompaniment to the roast suckling pig that is a culinary hallmark of the region. Bairrada has a balmy Atlantic climate and its landscape includes plains, lakes and forests, especially the Mata of Bussaco, the famous primeval forest. Splendid historic hotels, fine traditional food and thermal spas are additional attractions for the wine tourism.
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