Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde is a distinctive and enticing wine. White Vinho Verde is light and crisp, fragrant and elegant, with a touch of natural gas or spritzeig, a fashionable, spirited wine with an increasing number of devotees worldwide. This wine has been produced for centuries in the Vinho Verde Demarcated Winemaking Region, in northwest Portugal. The unique characteristics of this wine are the product of a particular combination of native local vines, granite soil and a climate that is marked by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and a Mediterranean influence. The far north of the demarcated region is the cradle of the charismatic Alvarinho, the queen of white Portuguese grape varieties and the basis of some of the finest white wines made in our country. The extensive, high-rising vineyards are the hallmark of the landscape of hills and valleys, making this region especially attractive for wine tourism. Vinho Verde is an excellent aperitif wine that is also superb with light dishes such as salads, seafood, fish, tapas, Asian and other kinds of international food.
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